Fun Courses

Everyone can enjoy a fun experience with friends!

Embellishments, Painting, Arts & Crafts

Embellishment Class

We offer various techniques to learn on how you can embellish your home or any event. The art of Embossing, Quilling, Mokume Gane, Mixed Media Painting, Suminagashi, Paper Mache, Mukimono, Contemporary Sculpture, Flower Arranging, Prop Design, etc. - All the techniques you need for giving any space the adequate ambiance.

Call and join our weekly courses for both adults or children! Or create a fun experience at your next birthday party with arts & crafts, or painting!

Covid-19 Solution

Driven by a pandemic of an unprecedented rush to distance-learning, Patricia has learned to manage new challenges. Before, our art groups were from 15 to 30 persons at a time, but today it is now on a one-to-one basis.
In order to avoid getting restless and frustrated with online learning, we are providing the instructions in person by limiting to 4 persons per class. We count with air purifiers, sitting distance, and working with masks on in order to have a safe environment.
We are currently providing Arts & Crafts and Painting classes for both children and adults.